Create…by listening

It’s like it was happening in slow motion.  I picked my foot up.  I put it back down.  And there was just enough weight and torque and angling that the kneecap popped out…and then it popped back in.

This represents the 20th (ish?) time I’ve sublexed my knee.

And it happened last Friday.

I was teaching Hip Hop Prana™, one of the popular song+choreography combos was starting (Talk that Talk by Rihanna feat. Jay Z), and not even ten seconds into leading the class, my right knee sublexed and I nearly fell down.

The knee popped back into place, and I very carefully and gently kept teaching class.  Earlier that day, I attended a vinyasa flow yoga class; the day before I taught Hip Hop Prana™ and subsequently ran 4.5 miles.  The day before I worked out twice as well.

I think my body was trying to tell me something…

…and I finally was ready to listen.

A large component of my coaching and teachings are physical; we create our reality by intentionally moving energy through our body so that we can manifest with our minds.

I create custom yoga sequences for my clients (and myself) that specifically target their energy centers that are not in alignment, in order to realign them daily.  And once you start to see the possibility and the benefits of this practice, it’s actually kind of addicting!  Movement and practicing were making great things happen for me, so I was enjoying doing as much as I could every day.

After hearing my laments in my social media, my friend and colleague Dr. Tera Maxwell generously offered to do an energy healing on me.

And it was during this healing I heard the yin to the yang.  All of this creating and making and manifesting–and I had been forgetting to listen!

My body had been trying to tell me that it needs some gentleness.  Some rest.  And some nourishing.  I always considered myself pretty fantastic at the whole “self-love” thing…but I had unwittingly been resentful towards my body because of my recurring knee problem and its effects.

Tera helped remind me that it’s also important to listen.

So I spent the entirety of this morning LISTENING.  I laid in savasana with my crystals and soft music, just breathing, and hearing what my body had to say.  The biggest message that came up was gratitude.  A sigh of relief.  “Finally…,” it said.

And then I went on to have SUCH a wonderful day.  Some of the best client calls I’ve ever lead, some of the best chakra readings I’ve given, and the most wonderful afternoon, outside in the breeze and the sun writing this blog.

My knee feels great.

This kind of bliss is available for you, too.  This is your reminder to listen.  To take time to be quiet.

You might say, “I don’t have time to listen.  Or be quiet.”

And I say, “Do you have time to get injured? (or sick? or slowed down in some other unexpected capacity?)”

I am so incredibly grateful that I received this important reminder to slow down and tune in.  And offer the message to you.

Now it’s YOUR TURN!

What do you plan on doing in order to slow down and create health, abundance, and bliss?  Comment below with your intention!

Much love and Namasté!


The REAL Key to Happiness: Being Vulnerable

When the universe wants me to do something, I know because I get 10 people with the same message coming at me with it at the same time.  So a few weeks ago, the universe decided that I needed to read Daring Greatly by Brené Brown.  Her book is particularly interesting and relevant to me right now because she takes a topic that I talk about a lot, Fear, and really digs much deeper.

Brené  Brown became a star because of her viral video where she talks about the power of vulnerability.  She is a researcher and academic, and her data suggests that vulnerability is the KEY to success, happiness, freedom, peace, and all those other things that people say they want.

In her book, she illustrates the point of how people LOVE to see other people being vulnerable.  We are so attracted to that.  But when it comes to ourselves–vulnerability is the last thing we want to put out there.


Because we are afraid of shame.

Do you see how this ties back into Fear?  We are so afraid of putting ourselves out there to do the things we would love to do because we are afraid of feeling shame–from being made fun of by those closest to us, from failing, from criticism…and so on.

This might sound a little scary or dark, but actually I find this perspective to be so refreshing.  I find this to truly be one of those situations where shining the light on the dark shadows makes it so that the shadows aren’t there anymore.  In fact, the mere act of reading her book makes me feel somewhat vulnerable, because the more I realize how important vulnerability is the more I realize how much more I need to show it!  I experimented in several different areas of my life, and tried it, and trust me, friends…it works.

So give it a go.  Try and soften a bit.  Whether you are a man or a woman, see what happens when you take down the walls and let someone [you trust] see the real you.  Try it just once.  Then try it once a week.  Then try it once a day.   No matter who you are or what your role is, evidence points to it being one of the most effective ways to achieve recognition, love, peace, and even joy.

I would really love to hear your feedback about how it works for you.  Also if you have read the book, what were your takeaways?  If you haven’t read the book, please go get it and read it and then let me know what you think! 

Comment below with your thoughts!

Have a beautiful day, and Namasté.


Surrendering in The Body & The Mind

I taught a class this evening and I found a certain theme kept appearing in my narration during the class: Surrender.  I spoke about surrendering to the physical body and trusting it can hold itself.  Surrendering to gravity and letting it support you so you don’t have to grip.  Surrendering your worries and tensions to the higher power to be taken care of on your behalf.

Whether we were in heart-opening poses or contracted twists or compressive forward folds, it was consistently the theme of surrender that kept emerging.  In our heart-openers, we offer our love and gratitude to the higher power to show us the way, in our twists, we surrender any gripping or tension as we breathe into the smaller spaces so they can feel even more open when we release, and in the forward folds, we just let our tensions and anxieties melt out and away from us as we release forward into the nourishing, supported bend.

One of my students approached me after class, in awe, and expressed that the message of surrender was exactly what she needed to hear.  She said she had had a very busy and stressful week thus far, and being giving permission to let go and release that which she was so actively trying to control was quite literally the precise message she was waiting for.  In fact, she was so relieved of her feelings of needing to hold on that she almost forgot her yoga mat in the classroom!

I realized as I was teaching that the words I was speaking were also words I needed to hear myself.  I believe they are words that can actually benefit everyone.  So where in your life can you let go?  What muscles are you clenching, what organs are you contracting, exerting extra unecessarily?  Can you actually release those areas?  Take a moment today to sit and breathe quietly, scanning your whole body as you release the unecessary holding one body part at a time–from your scalp to your toenails.

Let me know in the comment box below–what did you release, and what did it feel like?

Have a beautiful rest of your day, and Namasté.