4 steps to Manifest during Difficult Times

There is a way to manifest amid difficult times, especially during this coronavirus outbreak. Here are 4 steps to manifest during this time.

This might be just what you need right now.


The Two Possible Scenarios


steps to manifest - possible scenarios

There are 2 possible scenarios for you on the other side of this pandemic, and one of them may surprise you.


The first possible scenario, I am sad to say, will likely affect the majority of the world’s middle class.


So many people are already experiencing it.


It’s in the form of unemployment, major economic upheaval, and significant financial hardship.


The recovery from this scenario is possible, but it’s a long road.


The second scenario is much more hopeful.

(And if I have anything to do with it, it is what will happen for YOU)


It reveals itself as a surprising opportunity (perhaps different than you anticipated), and very lucrative in its financial yield.


It is a revenue structure that generates leverage, a healthy return on your investment, and allows you to have the time and freedom you desire.


And it likely looks NOTHING like what you expected it would when you dreamed about it.


There is one, ONLY ONE, way you will have access to it.


And that is if you Think Outside the Box.


The thing is, if you try to see it through your old eyes of your old way of thinking, you’ll miss it.


These are new, unprecedented times, and they require new, unprecedented thinking.


I declare right now that you have EVERYTHING you need inside you,

– all the wisdom,

– the knowledge,

– and all the ability,


to create your future in a new way that you have never thought about before.


4 Steps to Manifest


4 steps to manifest


In one of my Dharma Talk Tuesday sessions, we talked about how you should be thinking right now to take control back in your life and set yourself on a new path.


For those who are open to receiving it, there is a major transferring of wealth right now, and some of it wants to come to you.


In this video, I also break down the 4 steps to manifest in this difficult times.


I’ve been using them over the last few months, and because of these steps, AND thinking outside the box,


A new revenue stream literally dropped into my lap LAST WEEK.


You are no different, and this is possible for you, too.


I’m going to say that again:


You are no different, and this is possible for you, too.


Here are the 4 steps to Manifest that I discuss in the video:


When you Think Outside the Box and use the 4 steps to manifest, attracting a new income stream or opportunity becomes EASY.


Step 1: Identify your desire


steps to manifest - desire


Have a specific, clear desire.


What is the goal you want to manifest?


Is it a specific income goal?


How will that make you feel?


Step 2: Feel your desire


steps to manifest - feel


Your feelings are the language of the Universe.


You will attract that which matches how you feel.


Take control of your feelings – You don’t have the luxury of just letting any thoughts and feelings come up for you anymore!

(That does not mean stuff negativity down.


You get to feel it, then be powerful and SHIFT into what you DO want to feel.


You are programming your Energy Blueprint with every passing minute.)


Step 3: Become unshakeable


steps to manifest - unshakeable


Doubt is a natural part of life, and thus the manifesting process.


AND, it’s the #1 Manifesting Blocker.


With practice and consistency, you begin to see that you CAN manifest and raise your Energy SetPoint!


This creates a beautiful cycle of confidence, conviction, and unshakeable belief.


Step 4: Deal with the Naysayers


steps to manifest - naysayers


I know you know what I’m talking about.


All those well-meaning people who plant seeds of doubt, disbelief, and fear in your head.


There is a graceful and compassionate way to handle their unintentional, yet VERY destructive, commentary that respects them and still honors your intention and boundaries.


If you get the importance of this process, and you see yourself coming out the other side of Lockdown in a BETTER position than you were when you went in, you’re going to want to grab Money Manifestation Secrets, where I walk you through a 28-day training process, NOW.


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Testimonies of Real Money Manifesting



This is what the MMS students said about these teachings:


“I barely recognize myself.  My husband frequently asks, ‘who are you?’ because my shifts have been so huge.  I know what I want, and I accept nothing less.  I never used to stand up for myself.  Now, even though sometimes I feel scared, I have the confidence and conviction to call in and communicate exactly what I know I am worthy of.  Since doing this work, I’ve been promoted, I received a raise, I work half as much, and I even enjoyed 2 weeks off work on a beautiful trip to Ireland!  Thank you, Julie!” – Mary


“I had no idea what my business would be, or what I was offering.  I couldn’t even afford to put gas in my car.  After doing this work, I generated $35,000 in one month because I became totally clear on my desire and how specifically to manifest it in.  Now I am in love with what I do, and know-how to manifest consistent, sustainable recurring revenue.” – Chelsea


“I didn’t realize how much I was compromising in my life before studying with Julie.  I also didn’t realize how much power I have within me to create a massive shift, quickly.  When I learned Julie’s manifesting teachings, and started using them, things began to change very rapidly.  Not only did I manifest a new job that suited me better and paid me better, but my relationships also improved, as did my health.  I can’t imagine my life without this now!” – Amber


“Right after taking the MMS course with Julie, I manifested 4 $7,000 pay in full clients, in the span of just 2 weeks!  After that, I went on to have my first 6-figure year–$119,000 in revenue.  I had never made more than $40,000 in the previous years.  MMS WORKS!!” – Heather


“Not only did I receive 3 new dream job offers after taking MMS, but I also started manifesting free coffee every single day!  It feels like a little wink from the Universe.  Now I know it’s got my back, and my old anxieties are gone for good.” – Jessica


JOIN Mary, Chelsea, and Amber, and the others in these life-changing breakthroughs TODAY!


You do not have to be in the first scenario. . . 


I love this course so much. I believe in the principles so deeply.


Get Money Manifestation Secrets now, and start manifesting even during these difficult times.


You have the power to create the life you’ve always wanted, NOW. 


In dharma and service,


Is Dharma Consulting Right for You?

Is Dharma consulting what you’ve been missing in your life? It just might be!

Throughout my business, I’ve helped many people find their Dharma, and it has given them the power to transform their lives and thrive in happiness.

It’s my goal to help you do the same, and that’s what I’m going to help you discover in this post!


What does Dharma mean?


Dharma is your life’s purpose.

It is the calling that God has placed in your heart, and it encompasses all the facets of life that you are called to do.

You are on this planet for a specific reason. You have a certain gift that serves humanity in some way.

And you are meant to make money from the gift that you have.

It’s so important to understand that there’s nothing “selfish” about making money doing what you love.

If you have that belief, take a deep breath and let go of it. It’s only limiting you and holding you back from aligning with your purpose.

Some people know what their Dharma is, and they’ve never had a problem figuring it out. They know that they want to be a professional dancer, entrepreneur, or a doctor.

Other people have no idea what their Dharma is. Because of this, people sometimes tend to believe that it isn’t possible to make money from what they love.

We all have a purpose, and with the right steps, we can uncover what it is. That’s what Dharma consulting helps you do.


What happens when you become aligned with your Dharma?


Okay, so Dharma consulting helps you find your life’s purpose. But what’s the big deal and what does your life look like when you find it?

Good question!

When you find your Dharma, you:

  • Wake up every morning excited to begin your day
  • Only make time for the things you enjoy
  • Make more money while doing less
  • Have the time, energy, and resources to thrive and be healthy
  • Feel aligned, grounded, and flow through life every day
  • Use your gifts to make a positive impact in the world
  • Spend more time with your loved ones
  • Live a joy-filled, freedom-based life on YOUR terms

I know that it might sound too good to be true, but I’m here to tell you that it is REAL and that YOU CAN live the life you desire.

The way that feels good to you is what the world needs from you. The life that you are longing to live is the life that you were born to live.


How to find your Dharma


If you don’t know what your Dharma is, there are two questions that I ask during Dharma consulting that will help you discover it:


1.What could you spend all day doing? What lights you up?


What did you love to do when you were playing as a child? Take the time to think about what made you happy, filled your heart up, and unleashed your creative spirit.

It could be anything from playing with animals to painting!


2. What pisses you off?


If the first question doesn’t give you a hint at what your Dharma is, then think about what makes you mad. If you’re in a conversation and something sparks you to have a strong point of view, that’s a good indicator of what it might be.

It can be something like politics, helping the environment, or stopping human trafficking.

Once you’ve asked yourself those questions, it’s time to take action.


Start with yoga practice!


Practicing yoga helps clear out distracting thoughts that might be getting in the way of you finding your Dharma. It makes you think clearer and helps you connect with your intuition.

Roll out your mat and get in the downward-facing dog position. 



Take deep breaths and run through a couple of sun salutations.

If you need help walking through the steps of downward-facing dog and sun salutations, I go through both of them in this solar plexus yoga video.

When you finish, ask yourself what would make you happy. Start there and let your intuition guide you. 

Trust your intuition. It has all the answers you need!


Is Dharma consulting right for you?


If you still feel like you haven’t discovered your life’s purpose, there’s no need to worry! I would LOVE to help you out even more so that you can live in true alignment with your purpose.

Feel free to join the Dharma Circle or message me on Instagram @thedharmacircle.

Remember: You are divine and worthy of everything you desire.

Have a beautiful day and Namasté.


How to Support Your Immunity During Coronavirus

If you want to learn how to support your immunity during coronavirus, then keep reading.

I’m going to share my BEST immunity-boosting tips so that you can feel safe, secure, and resilient in times of fear.


Make Healthy, Loving Choices


If you were inconsistent with your health before, take this opportunity to get committed to your health and fitness. If not for you, then think of it as a civic duty to reduce the chances of you being a carrier.

Every time you make a choice, pause and ask yourself: “What’s the most loving choice I can make for myself and the world at this moment?”

Whether it’s food, the people you surround yourself with, or your thoughts, every choice you make should be in alignment with your divine purpose.

This means staying positive and being happy, cleansing your body, eating healthy immunity-boosting foods such as spinach and oranges, taking supplements, exercising every day, getting a good night’s sleep, and powerfully choosing to stay away from alcohol and cigarettes. 

During my research, I also found that high doses of liposomal vitamin C, along with Zinc, are sufficient in preventing coronavirus AND curing it.

Remember, YOU have the power to choose what you let into your body, mind, and soul.

If you want to know how to support your immunity during coronavirus, choose self-love, and give yourself the best.


Relieve Stress Through Alternate Nostril Breathing


Large amounts of stress can weaken your immune system. Being afraid increases stress and cortisol, which lowers the immunity.

Alternate nostril breathing, also known as Pranayama, is one of the best ways to instantly release anxiety, fear, and stress. Controlling your breath work will bring balance and peace to the nervous system.

Follow these steps to shift your energy and feel grounded:

  1. Close your eyes and sit in a comfortable position
  2. Take your right hand and fold your pointer finger and middle finger
  3. Press your thumb against your right nostril
  4. Inhale through your left nostril
  5. Switch sides and press your ring finger against your left nostril
  6. Exhale through the right nostril
  7. Start again with your ring finger on your left nostril and repeat

You can keep doing this for as long as it serves you.

Another thing you can do while you’re practicing alternate nostril breathing is direct your breath towards your third eye. Doing this will open and clear your third eye and center and align your energy channels.

After a few breaths, go ahead and remove your hand, but continue moving your breath through your mind as if you’re still using your fingers.

Take a deep breath through both nostrils. Inhale as you raise your arms, then exhale your hands to your heart.

Press your thumbs into your sternum, activating your heart chakra. Set your intention for the rest of your day.

Inhale as you bring your thumbs to your forehead and bow your head to the heart space in gratitude. Share what you’re grateful for.


How to Increase Immunity Power by Yoga


If you’re wondering how to increase immunity power by yoga, you’re in luck!

Yoga is one of the best ways to create transformational shifts in people, including their health.

Just like alternate nostril breathing, yoga releases anxiety, fear, and stress, and brings balance and peace to the nervous system.

Practicing yoga also opens your chakras, which are connected to your organs.

When you make time for yoga every day, you build your body’s ability to fight sickness. 

Here are the best yoga poses to boost your immunity:

  • Legs up the wall
  • Supported fish pose
  • Downward dog
  • Cobra pose
  • Half lord of the fishes
  • Forward bend
  • Supported fish pose
  • Eagle pose
  • Triangle pose
  • Sphinx pose

If you want to learn more about how to boost immunity power by yoga, I go deeper into it in my coaching program MAYA (Money Alignment Yoga Academy).


Final Thoughts on How to Support Your Immunity During Coronavirus


Remember, when you’re in ALIGNMENT (healthy, happy and fulfilled in your relationships, happy and fulfilled in your work, prosperous at the level that supports you, spiritually fulfilled, and excited about each day when you wake up), your immune system is stronger.

You become resilient, and you thrive in uncertainty.

That’s exactly what I want for you. And it’s why my team and I do the work that we do for the world.

If you have any questions or thoughts on how to support your immunity during coronavirus, please feel free to ask in the comments or message me on Instagram @thedharmacircle.

I would love to hear from you, learn how you’re feeling, what you’re thinking, and how I can support you during this challenging time for humanity.

Sending you peace, faith, love, Dharma, and healing,


How I Made $90K in My First 6 Months of Manifestation Coaching

In the first six months of my manifestation coaching business, I made $90,000.

You’re probably wondering what my “secret” is, but it was actually SO simple!

In this article, I’m going to share with you exactly what I did have, didn’t have, and the one thing I did in my business to generate that amount of money. If you take it seriously and implement it and apply it yourself, it WILL be a game-changer in your business and your life.

Are you ready?! Okay, let’s get started!


What I Did NOT Have


When I first started my business, I had no self-confidence. I also didn’t have a fancy website, a Facebook group, financial resources, or clarity on my messaging.

If you think that’s a lot, I encourage you to keep reading!

We all start somewhere, and we all have to figure it out along the way. There’s no such thing as a perfect way to start a business.


What I DID Have


I had ambition, commitment, tenacity, no excuses, and no backdoors. Whatever life was going to throw at me, I knew that I was going to figure it out no matter what.

When I started out, I also had two business coaches!

I had two because I felt like I wasn’t getting everything I needed from the first one, so I hired an additional one who could help me while I figured out and implemented the things I learned from my first coach.

With that being said, that kind of mentality really served me. A commitment to “figuring it out” (and not blaming it on anyone in the process) is so key when building a successful business.


The ONE Thing I Did to Make $90K in the First Six Months of My Manifestation Coaching Business


If you do this, you WILL make an amazing amount of money!

It is essential in your business, and if you don’t do it, you basically don’t have a business.

Are you ready to hear it?


You need to SELL!


Before you roll your eyes or say anything, I know that’s a no-brainer.

…But is it really, though?

So often, I see people try to perfect everything about their business before they even attempt to make sales. They obsess over their product, or their website, or their business cards, and  focus too much on perfecting little details that no one even sees or cares about, and essentially wanting perfection.

As I said earlier, no business starts out perfect!

When you start a business, you NEED to focus on how many offers you’re making a day. If you’re not making offers, you’re not making money!

So with that said, for the first six months of my manifestation coaching business, I only focused on creating as many sales opportunities as possible. I got on the phone, I reached out to people on social media, and I met people in person so that I could make sales and enroll people into their visions which my manifestation coaching would help them achieve.

In the process, I developed a completely novel program that “made no sense” where I combined body movement through yoga with business coaching called MAYA (Money Alignment Yoga Academy). There was no telling if it was going to work out or not, but as you can see by my present day results… it was and continues to be a massive success bigger than I ever dreamed possible.


THE KEY QUESTION: Are You Willing to Be Bad at Something Long Enough to Get Good at It?


I realize that making sales is scary and intimidating. You’re not alone in feeling that way.

Do you think I was good at sales when I started? Do you think I loved making sales calls?

Of course not! I sucked at them!

In fact, I didn’t make anything in the first three months of my manifestation coaching business.

There was one Friday night that I made a commitment to myself that I was going to make one sale by Sunday night.

I made fifty calls on Saturday. Nothing. Zero sales.

At that point, I started to question if running a business was right for me or not –ever done that before?

I called my coach, and she supported me and encouraged me to try again.

Do you think I made a sale the next day? I didn’t.

You want to know what I did make, though? A habit.

I continued to be tenacious in my business, and soon I made my first sale. And it was the FIRST of SO MANY yeses that I received!

What I want you to know is that at the beginning of my business, I never gave up. Of course, I was scared and had resistance, but I didn’t let that stop me.

If you feel like you’re resisting what I’m saying in this post, start considering what is stopping you from getting on the phone and making offers. Don’t be afraid to get real with yourself. Once you identify it, you can take action towards improvement!

To Summarize…


  • Don’t let perfection stop you from starting
  • You NEED commitment, ambition, tenacity, and no excuses in your business if you want it to be successful
  • You NEED sales in your business or else you’re not a business
  • Lean into the resistance and put yourself out there. You’ll eventually make a sale and you’ll get good at it in the process!

Now that you know how I made $90K in my first six months of manifestation coaching, it’s time to implement it in your own business and I’d love to support you! You can schedule a free no-obligation strategy call with me by clicking here.

What part of this post resonated with you the most? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

Have a beautiful day and Namasté,


5 Biggest Business Mistakes I Made in 2019

Have you ever committed a major business mistake? How did you deal with it?

I know I did quite a few. And I want to give you some inspiration to rocket-boost your 2020. . .


A short-cut to your Prosperity Plan


I am happy and grateful to have hit $800,000 in revenue in 2019 (both “cash-in-the-door” + contracted revenue),

AND, I promise you, if you take notes on what I am about to share, you can create the same results, and you can do it MUCH faster than I did.

You ready?

Here we go!!


Top 5 Biggest Business Mistakes I made in 2019:


Business Mistake #1: Slowing down on Content


In 2018 I made a commitment to myself to do a social media/content post every single day.

That WORKED, for a variety of reasons.

– Increased my organic social engagement, and many clients and customers found me, even if I didn’t spend anything on ads.

– Gave me a ton of practice for copywriting and effective, engaging communication.

– Provided a lot of content for repurposing on a highly frequent basis, so I remained “top of the feed.”

This year was about bolstering the MAYA and Dharma Academy program, AND hiring + training a great team.

Unfortunately, content became an area that “bled.”

It was the right move for my company.

AND if I could do it again, I would open my mind to see the both/and instead of tolerating the either/or

(So obviously, this year will be HUGE for content!!!)


Business Mistake #2: Energy Scarcity


At the beginning of the year, I let drops in my energy affect everyone and everything around me.

The worst part was I “believed” the unsupportive thoughts that went through my mind when I was tired/hungry/hormonal.

In moments, I felt incredibly overwhelmed.

I’m not proud to say that in the worst of the worst moments, I got pretty “blamey”. . . and Matt (my boyfriend) was the one I blamed.

All of this changed in a day, thanks to a powerful conversation with one of my leadership mentors. (Thank GOD for setting yourself up to win with great mentorship!)

One day, I realized that the depletion I felt had nothing at all to do with “those other people.”

I also realized that changing my business model would not actually help, because my business model is amazing.

I came to recognize that the real cause of my resentment was not Matt or anyone else–it was an energy inside of ME!

It dawned on me that there was an opportunity in front of me to jump up my frequency from a scarcity vibration (that I didn’t even know I had!) to a NEW level of Abundance when it came to expanding my energy.

The shift I made after that was small but significant.


When I felt myself contracting into “blame” vibe, I took immediate action to drop back into my heart.  

What this means is, I became rigorous with my “Energy Hacks,” which includes breath work, adjusting my diet, taking the right supplements, prayer, stop-drop-and-yoga, gratitude lists, and perhaps the biggest one of all– VULNERABILITY.

So instead of the old type of “blame” communication, I would STOP and ask myself, “What is the most vulnerable, heart-centered, and feminine thing I can do here?”

And, to be honest, most of the time it just sounded like asking for support.

​​​​​​​And then magically, not only did the energy scarcity and resentment completely go away, but it felt like I cracked the code to creating more energy in my life!

I somehow was able to get more done, see and talk to more people, hire an amazing team, make a bigger difference, create more intimacy in my relationship, AND feel completely peaceful the whole time.


Business Mistake #3: Procrastination/Perfectionism


Procrastination vs perfectionism

One of my most successful product launches this year – “The Wealth Portal” course – was birthed out of a focused, rapid process of preparation.

I designed the course, created the free training which would launch it, wrote all the marketing copy, and even designed all the materials (I don’t recommend this!

But my designer was on leave and I wanted to get it done!).

I did it all within the day I received the inspiration for the course from my Body Wisdom.

(How to receive Wisdom from your Body is what I teach in MAYA, and it’s a big reason why I can work part-time and make nearly 7-fig/year). 

The launch was honestly not designed to make money–the intention, frankly, was to help me practice a particular type of offer I wanted to master; however, the course went on to make $35,000 from a $97 product.

A big distinction between this course and others I’ve launched that didn’t do as well was procrastination and perfectionism.

With the Wealth Portal launch, there was ZERO procrastination.

And this is a major business mistake.

I’ve noticed that in my business, even when delaying a decision or an action feels justified, it almost never serves.  

I can think of many more examples where this was true.

Taking urgent, focused, and IMPERFECT action consistently created great results.

The lesson here is to REMEMBER this the next time I feel the need to make something more “perfect,” or if I feel as though it’s not “ready!”


Business Mistake #4: Giving up on People


One of the top mistakes that I made last year was giving upon people.

Here’s what I mean:

There were moments when I was in conversations with women who were interested in joining MAYA.

(Money Alignment Yoga Academy – my year-long life-changing course that shows ambitious women how to manifest prosperity from their passion and purpose)

And they expressed interest in joining, but then shared a limitation or a reason why they couldn’t such as, 

“I can’t afford it,”

“I don’t have time,”

“my husband would not approve,”

“I’m interested, but I want to wait to sign up next year,”

And in some potential client conversations, I held their hand (so to speak) as they crossed over the line, and enrolled.

Then, they went on to have the most powerful year of their life from what they learned and experienced in MAYA.

Then there were conversations where, somewhere along the way, I let go of their hand.

They fought for their limitation, and I let their fear and limitations win.

I would just say, “I understand.”

But the truth was, I gave up on them.

There are people born into this world into poverty and true limitation, and they really do not have a choice on which direction their life goes.


(For example, Matt and I watched a great movie recently called “Lion” which is a true story about a boy in India who found himself in an impoverished and life-threatening situation and willed his way out and into a great life. 

Check this film out if you haven’t seen it!)

But if you are reading this, you are definitely not one of those people. You were born into privilege and blessing.    

And as T Harv Eker says, “If you have the wherewithal to get rich, it is your duty to get rich.”

This may sound bold, but I believe with every cell in my body that it is your duty and your dharma to grow wealth if you have the desire to.

And every day that you don’t, you are dishonoring those who wish they had half of what you have.

SO, all of that being said, I stopped giving up on people in about Q3 and started getting really real with them.


They all said “yes” to their dreams, to join MAYA, and they 

– started successful businesses, 

– dissolved old dysfunctional business partnerships, 

– created new and powerful partnerships 

– increased their prices and successfully sold $20k/year+ programs,

– hosted their first successful retreats & events, 

– had relationship breakthroughs,

. . .I could go on and on.

But the bottom line is, lives were changed for the good forever. It was a great lesson of impact = income, as my revenue saw a big jump, as well.

Business Mistake #5: Misunderstanding Authority


For a long time, I had a belief that to have Authority, I needed to do certain things and show up a certain way.

​​​​​​​For example, I thought I needed to wake up super early, ATTACK my day with athletics and a cold shower, and then be totally put together by 8 am.

I thought I needed to talk a certain way, watch certain shows and movies, and even listen to certain music!

In 2019, I started experimenting with various things behind-the-scenes and discovered they had an unintentional, but MASSIVE impact on my Authority and Leadership.

I experimented with fasting, no-sugar commitments, prayer & scripture rituals, commitments in my relationship, and how I showed up in my family.

I learned that the way I dressed, the things I said, the music I listened to, and the time I woke up had a lot less to do with what generated Authentic Authority.


There’s a great level of integrity I felt in myself in knowing that – 

– I treat my body with respect through avoiding sugar + doing weekly 36-hour fasts

– I broke generational chains of trauma by healing family relationships

– My word is my bond

– Being right is never more important to me than being in relationship

– I work like it depends on me and pray like it depends on God

– I go to Scripture for most of my answers

– I’ll do whatever is needed for my clients to ensure they get the results they desire

– If one of my best friends calls, I will drop everything to help them.

That type of Integrity gave me more Authority than any other “hack” I tried.

It didn’t matter what I said, what I did, what script I used, or what tactic I tried. . . it all worked because the Authority came from a real place.




I hope these lessons propel you forward as you start 2020!

How about you? What business mistakes have you done last year and what have you learned from them?

I would love to hear from you. Share in the comments section below. 

This is also a good day to know what’s blocking your money manifesting!

Do you want to know which chakra needs your attention NOW to increase the momentum of your business?

Today is the day. Take the Chakra quiz now and find a way to get more freedom and money manifesting in your business.

Sending you waves of love and dharma sparkles!

Till next time, Dharma Queens!

How Manifesting Works: Manifestation for Beginners


If you want to know how manifesting works, this article is for you.

Whether you’re new to the world of manifestation or feel like you may be overanalyzing the process, in this article I’m going to share what it is, how it works, and how to use it so that you can unlock your God-given power to create the life you desire.


What Is Manifestation?


Manifestation is the process of creating your own reality.

It’s more than just wishing and receiving. When used right, it can improve your relationships, your business, freedom, the amount of money you’re making, and your overall quality of life.


How Manifesting Works


Effective manifesting isn’t just about affirmations or mantras. You can’t sit there, say a few words and expect everything to happen on its own. This is one of the biggest misconceptions that I see.

Although having clarity is a good start, it’s not everything.

The most powerful type of manifesting is the kind when your emotions and actions are aligned to your intended desired outcome.

For example, if you desire more money in your life, you need to FEEL what it would be like and ACT AS IF if you had the exact amount of money you desire right NOW.

The most effective ways to practice this is through mindful meditation, guided visualization, and yoga.

These are essential and should be practiced frequently in your life. If you feel like you don’t have time or that you’re bad at any of these, then that’s all the more reason to do them! This is why it is called PRACTICE, not “perfection.”

How to Manifest the Life You Desire:


1. Decide



Think about the thoughts that go through your head when you’re unable to make a decision.

They usually go something like: “I can’t because…” or “I don’t know what the right choice is.”

When those kinds of thoughts rule your mind, you limit and block yourself from reaching your full potential.

How can you expect the Universe to give you the life you wish for if you don’t even know what it looks like?

When you choose to make a decision, you identify your desire. That desire then becomes easier to manifest because you can now see it clearly in your mind’s eye.

Remember, FEELING what you desire as if it’s already yours is how manifesting works.

Take the time to visualize it as if it’s already happening.

Are you on vacation with your family?

Where are you? Hawaii? Disney World?

Are you laughing together and having the time of your life?

You’ve got to feel 100% aligned and certain about your decision.

If you need help cultivating the emotions of what you want, you can learn more in MAYA (Money Alignment Yoga Academy).


2. Imperfect Action


Don’t let perfection stop you from taking action.

One common thing that I see is people not taking action because they want everything to be perfect before they do.

Don’t do that!

Nothing is ever going to be perfect. Especially if you’re trying something NEW.

There are no guarantees in life but this present moment right now and every time you don’t act in the NOW, you miss it.

Let yourself be messy. Embrace it. Take a leap of faith!

Are you willing to be bad at something long enough to get good at it?


3. Receive



If you were handed a gift from God, would you throw it away?

Of course not! However, many of us do this without realizing it.

Sometimes the exact thing we ask for shows up on our doorstep but we don’t like the packaging so we send it away.

This is why it is important to release your attachment to the way things should look and practice vulnerability and trust that divine wisdom is working in your favor.

Learn how to operate from your heart, not your mind.

Your mind is always going to step in with “but, but, but…”
That is because the mind is programmed to help you survive, not thrive. It leads to a life of total limitation and imprisonment, and you don’t want that!

Trusting your heart will guide you to a life full of expansiveness, freedom, and miracles.


To summarize this post here’s how manifesting works:


  1. Decide what you want so that you can feel and visualize your desire, making manifestation easier.
  2. Take messy imperfect action.
  3. Trust your heart so that you can be open to receiving miracles.

There you have it! I hope that this post helped you have a better understanding of how manifesting works

I would LOVE to hear your biggest takeaways from this post. Please let me know in the comment area below!

Much love and Namasté!


How to Manifest Money into Your Life

How would you feel if you had the amount of money you desired? In this post, you’ll find a few tips on how to manifest money into your life.

How would you feel if you could easily and consistently manifest money into your life?

Seriously. Imagine.

Close your eyes and take a minute to focus on how the experience would feel for your mind, body, and soul if you had the power to bring more money and abundance into your life.

Does it feel freeing? Do you feel safe? Peaceful? Powerful??

Whatever shows up for you, hold onto that feeling.

Because guess what? It’s yours for the creating!

You are powerful, and with the right steps, you can attract anything you want into your life.

This is what I’m going to teach you today in this article, so let’s get started!

What does it take to manifest money?


To see accelerated business results, you have to be in high-level money manifesting alignment.

How do you do that?

I like to use a scale created by Dr. David Hawkins called the Scale of Consciousness.

The bottom of the scale reads at 20, and the top at 1,000.

Each level of this scale is an emotion or vibration that a person is experiencing. I call each of these levels, energy setpoints.

The lowest possible energy setpoint is 20 (shame), and the highest is 1,000 (enlightenment).

Whatever emotion you’re experiencing will reflect in your life. In other words, if you’re feeling shame, your life will continue to stay at a low-level 20 energy setpoint.

It’s important to remember that whatever energy you put out into the world will always come back to you.

So if you feel like the world is against you, that will continue to be your reality.

If you want to manifest money into your life, the key is to raise your vibration on that scale.

How do you raise your vibration?


Here’s the thing: Life is always going to happen to you no matter if you’re at a 20, 100, 500, or 1,000 energy setpoint.

There’s no controlling that.

The only thing you can control is your response, and that’s the secret to raising your vibration!

No matter what life throws at you, trust that everything is happening in your favor and that you have the power in you to create miracles.

The Steps You Need to Take:


1. Get Crystal Clear on Your Desires


Don’t hold back on this one.

Identify what you truly desire. In this case, it’ll be how much money you want to manifest.

$100,000? $500,000? $1 million?

How much time do you want it to take?

A month? How about seven days?!

When you get crystal clear on what you want, you send that certainty out into the Universe. You also begin to realize that you deserve what you desire, which you do.


2. Open Your Chakras


When you align the chakras in your body, you align yourself with new desires and manifest Heaven on Earth.

The best way to do this is through yoga practice.

There’s a yoga pose for each chakra, or energy center, in your body. Each chakra is also tied to specific abilities that you have.

For example, the solar plexus chakra governs your ability to manifest money, so you’ll do yoga poses that focus on that chakra.

Some poses that improve the solar plexus chakra are:

  • Reverse Plank Pose
  • Boat Pose
  • Cat Pose
  • Camel Pose
  • Mountain Pose
  • Cobra Pose
  • Bow Pose
  • Warrior Pose


3. Believe it’s Already Yours


You’ve asked the Universe for your exact desire, and you’ve aligned your chakras.

Now it’s time to make sure the Universe understands you in its language.

That language is emotion (energy in motion).

Now that you know what you want, it’s time to visualize how you would feel if you had the amount of money you desire.

In this step, the most important thing is faith.

You have to believe that what you desire is already yours before it’s yours. That’s the key to manifestation.

Practice this every day two times a day for maximum results.


4. Listen to Your Intuition


Your intuition is guiding you to what you desire, so make sure you listen.

There’s no room for perfection here. You’ll find that listening to your intuition and taking action will lead you to your desires in a way you never expected.

It’s all about thriving in uncertainty.

The world works in mysterious ways that we sometimes don’t understand. But that’s where the magic happens!




  1. Get crystal clear on how much money you want to manifest and when you want to receive it.
  2. Use yoga to open and align your chakras.
  3. Believe that you have the power to manifest money and that it’s already yours. Practice this every day.
  4. Listen to your intuition and let it guide you into faith-driven action.


If you want to dig deeper on how to access your power and manifest massive amounts of money, freedom and joy into your life, my MAYA Manifestation Coaching process might be the answer you’ve been asking for.

How much money are you committed to manifesting in your life now? I’d love to know. Start declaring it now! Comment below or send me a message on Instagram @thedharmacircle.

In service & dharma,