Do You Live in Fear or Faith?

The fact is, the majority of the people on this planet live in Fear.  They have fears about money security, fears about the viability of their relationships, and most significantly, fears about themselves and their self-worth.  Does this sound familiar?

Here is what I can say for sure.  Everyone has these fears.  The only difference between those who soar to the sky with success and abundance and those who stay cornered in scarcity and darkness is a sense of Faith.  Those who soar have faith that they have what it takes.  They have faith that they will be given the tools as they take steps.  They have faith that the Universe supports them.

I experienced this sense of Faith firsthand MULTIPLE times this week alone.  I found that with every step I took where there was a chance I could fall off the cliff, a flying carpet came along to pick me up and help me keep going.  This was not a coincidence of this week.  This has happened to me throughout my entire life.  It’s actually happened to you throughout your entire life, too–but did you see your flying carpet?  Or were you too busy looking up and around and behind you for a more predictable structure…like a bridge or staircase?

I can tell you with complete certainty that you have had multiple flying carpets come and go throughout your life to help get you to the other side of the path.  It appeared in the form of a person.  Or a sum of money.  Or a career opportunity.

The question is–was your mindset one of blinding fear, where you totally MISSED that person, or the money, or the opportunity, or were you open to something unexpected and out of your control, but perfect for that moment?  Something even BETTER than you could have put together by yourself?  This concept connects with the understanding that TRUE security comes from having a strong sense of personal freedom, which is an experience that you cultivate everyday within your mindset of trust in Universal support.

I want you to take this chance to look for a flying carpet this week.  In knowing and having Faith that you are totally supported and looked after, see what creative solutions are available in your life RIGHT NOW!  Comment below with your experience!

Have a beautiful day, and Namasté.


2 thoughts on “Do You Live in Fear or Faith?”

  1. Yesterday I felt fear to the point of feeling I was loosing my faith, I woke up and read your article…..there is a flying carpet. Thankyou!!!!!

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